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OwlCrate Review: Should You Subscribe to This Monthly Book Box?

As a book lover, I am always looking for ways to discover new and exciting reads. That’s when I stumbled upon OwlCrate, a subscription box service designed for avid readers like myself.

Every box is carefully curated around a specific theme and includes a hardcover novel, often with an exclusive cover and signed by the author, along with various bookish items to enhance your reading experience.

After being a subscriber to their YA Book with Goodies box for two months, I wanted to share my Owlcrate review to help you determine if you should get on the Owlcrate train!

Owlcrate review: Customer uploaded image - February 2024 YA Box with Goodies

Owlcrate Background (Brand Overview)

OwlCrate, founded in 2015, aims to provide high-quality, themed subscription boxes to readers who desire a personalized and stylish experience.

The service is known for its careful selection of books and related items, ensuring that each box is a treat for the avid reader like me.

There are two main options, each catering to different age groups:

  • OwlCrate (YA and Adult books for ages 14+)

  • OwlCrate Jr. (for MG books, geared towards readers aged 8-12)

The curated items in each OwlCrate box with goodies usually include a mix of:

  • Exclusive, specially designed editions of the featured book

  • A letter from the author

  • Author-signed bookplate

  • 3-5 high-quality bookish items related to the theme of the box

What’s fun about OwlCrate is that each month’s box revolves around a specific theme, making the contents a delightful surprise. The level of detail in curating the items, as well as the book selection process, truly provides an exceptional experience.

When it comes to quality, OwlCrate doesn’t disappoint.

This is evident from the numerous positive reviews praising the durability, design, and enjoyment derived from the items received.

Subscription Options

How It Works

OwlCrate is a monthly subscription box. You choose a subscription plan, and each month, they send you a curated box based on a specific theme.

They also provide hints regarding the upcoming theme, in case you’re curious.

The best part is that you can easily skip a month by managing your subscription in your account. The subscription options are as follows:

Young Adult – Book With Goodies

The Young Adult – Book With Goodies subscription is designed for readers who love YA books and unique book-themed items.

Each month, you will receive:

  • A brand new book, often with an exclusive cover, sprayed edges, and unique artwork

  • 3-5 high-quality bookish goodies inspired by the theme

  • Exclusive author content

Young Adult – Book Only

If you’re interested in just the book without the goodies, the Young Adult – Book Only subscription is perfect for you.

Jan and Feb 2024 Owlcrate YA books

Adult Fantasy – Book Only

For fans of adult fantasy, OwlCrate has introduced a dedicated subscription focusing on the genre.

The Adult Fantasy subscription lets you indulge in your love for intricate world-building and complex characters.

OwlCrate Pricing

You can select from 3 different plans: $35.99 monthly, 104.97 for three months, and 203.94 for six months. These costs do not include shipping.


The process for joining OwlCrate is this:

  1. Signing up: Visit the OwlCrate website to find the most relevant subscription type and join the waitlist if necessary.

  2. Waiting: While on the waitlist, make the most out of this time by exploring past boxes, connecting with fellow book lovers through their online community, and checking your inbox for status updates.

  3. First box: Once off the waitlist and subscribed, prepare for an exciting unboxing experience complete with a curated selection of literature and bookish treats.

  4. Stay updated: Keep an eye on OwlCrate’s social media channels and website for news regarding future themes and featured authors.

When I decided to join Owlcrate, I had to join their waitlists, which is very common for popular subscription boxes due to high demand. (I’m currently also on waitlists for FairLoot, Illumicrate, and GodlLeaf.)

Unfortunately, Owlcrate wasn’t able to give me any kind of timeline as to how long I would need to wait to join. You have to sign up for each subscription type (YA book with goodies, YA book only, or Adult Fantasy book only) and I have yet to hear back on the book only options.

My Owlcrate Review After Two Months

Waitlist Time

I had to wait about a month to receive an email inviting me to sign up for the YA Book with Goodies subscription. So far, I’m still waiting for invitations to the other two subscriptions that I joined the waitlists for.

This seems to be a common practice for subscription services like these, and OwlCrate is actually quicker for me compared to others.

Shipping Transit Time

I live in Canada, and it took almost three weeks for my OwlCrate box to arrive, which isn’t too bad considering it ships from the US. It might be faster for those who are in the US.


The items inside the OwlCrate box are very well-packaged and carefully placed. The boxes are easy to break down and recycle, and all the items I received were in perfect condition.


In my two-month OwlCrate experience, I have been quite impressed with the high-quality and fun goodies included in the boxes.

Some of the items I’ve received are a tote bag, an enamel pin, a bookmark, a mug, pencil crayons, and a pair of oven mitts. I enjoyed the unique and diverse selection that they provide.

Spoons from Feb 2024's OwlCrate box inspired by Belladonna
An OwlCrate bookmark inspired from an Encylopedia of Faeries. I use this bookmark all the time!

Young Adult Book

For the January 2024 box, I received “A Fragile Enchantment” and in February 2024, “Heartless Hunter”.

Both books had special features such as sprayed edges, double-sided dust jackets, beautiful illustrations, and endpapers. Additionally, they were accompanied by a letter from the author and their signature, which was a nice touch.

Reversable dustjacket with gorgeous illustrations - Januray 2024 OwlCrate Edition of A Fragile Enchantment

Although I wouldn’t have picked these books myself, I found them enjoyable reads, and I appreciated being exposed to new titles. The YA book choices in OwlCrate can certainly be fun and engaging.

beautiful endpages in owlcrate's edition of A Fragile Enchantment

Additional Purchases

Having an OwlCrate subscription also gets you some extra perks – you get notified ahead of the public on special edition releases. For example, they announced they would be releasing a special edition of A Tempest of Tea and gave their subscribers first dibs on ordering. (Which I did!)

Also, you can purchase books and other items from their store at any time, whether you are a subscriber or not. But buying from the shop gives you points that you can use to save on future purchases. For example, once you accumulate 100 points, you can redeem them for $5 off your next purchase.

Final Verdict

Overall, I love OwlCrate and intend to stay subscribed for the foreseeable future. If you like the idea of getting a new, high-quality, beautiful book every month and unique items, you will most likely enjoy the Owlcrate subscription!


  • Hoigh-quality books with sprayed edges, unique cover artwork, and author signatures

  • Fun themes and goodies are well-curated

  • Ability to skip a month

  • Items are well packed and arrive in good condition


  • Long waitlist times (I’m still waiting on the adult box!)

  • Shipping costs to Canada are expensive

  • Shipping time to Canada is long (about 3 weeks in my experience)


How long are the waitlist times?

As a subscriber, I can say that the waitlist times for OwlCrate can vary depending on the demand for the boxes and the upcoming themes. I had to wait about a month for the YA Book with Goodies.

How does OwlCrate compare to Fairyloot in terms of value?

Based on my experience and research, both OwlCrate and Fairyloot offer a great selection of specially curated bookish items. While the price of the boxes can be similar, the value of the items included in each box can vary. Ultimately, the value would depend on the preference of each subscriber and their appreciation for the exclusive items in each box.

Can OwlCrate be considered suitable for adult readers?

Yes, in my opinion, OwlCrate can be suitable for adult readers. While the primary target audience is young adult (YA) readers, many adults enjoy the YA genre as well. Also, OwlCrate carefully selects books that can be appreciated by a wide age range of readers, and the bookish goodies included in the boxes often appeal to adults too. There’s also the Adult Fantasy Book subscription specifically for adults.

What’s the estimated delivery time for OwlCrate shipments?

OwlCrate’s estimated delivery time varies depending on the destination. Here in Canada, it takes about 3 weeks for the book box with goodies to reach my doorstep.

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