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7 Best Bookish Subscription Boxes (Treat Your Shelves Right!)

Choosing a bookish subscription box might just be the best idea you’ve had since realizing you could get pizza delivered. It’s like getting a surprise party and a library membership in one fell swoop, but without any of the cleanup or shushing.

These best bookish subscription boxes deliver carefully selected books, literary goodies, and delightful extras right to your doorstep. If you’re tired of endlessly scrolling through reading lists or just want a treat that screams “book lover,” then stick around because we’ve got some fantastic options for you.

1. OwlCrate

OwlCrate is one of my favorite subscription boxes. This subscription offers two types of literary adventures: adult and young adult. (OwlCrate also offers options for middle grade readers called Owlcrate JR.)

If you love diving into fantasy worlds, OwlCrate has got you covered. Each box features a fantasy book, ensuring you get your monthly dose of dragons, wizards, and enchanted forests.

You’ll enjoy the quality items that come with the YA box. Think quirky bookmarks, cool keychains, and unique bookish swag. Perfect for decking out your reading nook or gifting to fellow bookworms.

One small note: the books tend to be in the B format, a bit smaller than standard-sized books. More portable, if you ask us!

2. Illumicrate

Illumicrate is my second favorite subscription and curates an enchanting reading experience that rivals the best in the biz.

Each box features a fantasy novel, but there are also subscriptions for horror or romance. (Afterlight Romance and Evernight Horror.) They also occasionally include genres like historical fiction. The books are a sight to behold—often larger, with stunning detailed sprayed edges.

The quality of these books makes them keepers for any collection. However, shipping costs to Canada are steep, so I consider it a luxury treat. Also the book selections, while excellent, might not always align with your personal tastes.

If you can handle the shipping and embrace a bit of surprise, Illumicrate offers a bookish adventure worth exploring.

3. FairyLoot

If you’re into fantasy and romantasy books, FairyLoot might just be your literary fairy godmother with its luxury book box offerings. Their boxes always bring a sprinkle of magic, often including exclusive editions and signed copies.

The items inside these boxes range from themed bookmarks and candles to tote bags and art prints. Imagine opening a box that not only smells like a fairytale but also feels like one.

Of course, getting your hands on a FairyLoot subscription is easier said than done. Their waitlists are as long as a dragon’s tail—sometimes spanning several months or more. (I’m still waiting for my invite after seven months!)

While you wait, just remember, great things come to those who wait.

4. LitJoy Crate

LitJoy Crate is like opening a treasure chest every month, without the risk of pirates. This book subscription box includes a young adult novel and three to five bookish items. Think of it as your monthly dose of literary delight.

The books are often signed by the authors. This means you can brag to your friends about your impressive collection of autographed novels.

The items in the crate? They range from practical (hello, bookmarks!) to the fantastically whimsical (fancy a magical mug or two?).

You also get access to the LitJoy Facebook community, where you can discuss your latest read, swap memes, and find fellow literature enthusiasts. It’s like a book club, but without the awkward small talk.

Plus, LitJoy Crate offers special edition boxes for those moments when regular joy just isn’t enough. The special editions are packed with exclusive goodies related to some of your favorite fandoms.

Finally, be prepared for the first box and some serious packaging envy. The boxes themselves are often a work of art, making unboxing an experience in itself.

Ready to take the plunge? LitJoy Crate is the perfect way to keep your bookshelf and imagination well-fed.

5. Book of the Month

Craving new reads but can’t decide what to pick? Book of the Month swoops in like a literary superhero, offering a curated selection of five books each month. You choose your favorite, and voilà—your next page-turner arrives at your doorstep. Book of the Month ensures you don’t receive the same book as everyone else, making each selection unique and personalized.

This subscription box is ideal for book lovers in the US. With a focus on selecting a mix of new releases, it’s like having a personal book scout hunting down the best finds for you. They even sprinkle in some debut authors and hidden gems, so your reading list stays fresh and exciting.

Just a heads-up, though: for our friends up north in Canada, the deal isn’t quite as sweet due to higher costs. In the US, though, it’s a delight for the wallet and the bookshelf.

Another thing to note is that this book subscription is just the book, no fancy sprayed edges or exclusive artwork.

6. Once Upon a Book Club

Ever wished your book could come to life? Once Upon a Book Club does just that, minus the need for magical portals or fairy godmothers.

Each box contains a book and 3-5 wrapped gifts. You’re only allowed to open them at certain page markers. Think of it as bookish delayed gratification. Fun, right? Once Upon a Book Club also offers board books for young readers.

You’ll find everything from fancy pens to teacups. It’s like a scavenger hunt but without the running – perfect for us couch potatoes.

Even better, you get discussion questions and read-alongs via their online community. Because let’s face it, the best part of reading a romance book is talking about it.

Ready to make your reading an interactive adventure? Grab yourself a subscription and prepare for the most exciting bookish surprises!

7. Caffeine & Legends

Caffeine & Legends offers a unique monthly book subscription box that caters to fantasy enthusiasts who also enjoy coffee or tea. Each box is carefully curated to include a fantasy book, your choice of coffee or tea, and additional themed goodies.

Subscribers can look forward to receiving their boxes between the 1st and 7th of each month, making it a delightful and timely treat. The service also occasionally includes special bonuses, such as audiobook vouchers, to celebrate milestones and anniversaries.

This subscription box is perfect for those who love to immerse themselves in a good book while sipping on a warm beverage.

Why Bookish Subscription Boxes Are Your Bookshelf’s Best Friend

Bookish subscription boxes keep your reading list fresh and exciting. They deliver new releases and exclusive editions and unique items that spruce up your bookshelf in a way that standard purchases just can’t.

Never Run Out of Stuff to Read

Imagine your bookshelf as a bottomless pit of literature—not a terrifying chasm, but a magical space where fantastic new reads appear as if by enchantment. Bookish subscription boxes are like having a personal book fairy delivering regular doses of joy straight to your door, saving you from the horrors of staring at an empty “To Be Read” (TBR) list. These boxes often include picture books for young readers, making them perfect for families with children aged 2-6 years.

Love discovering new authors but too lazy to scour the internet? Subscription boxes do the heavy lifting by hand-picking diverse genres and authors. It’s like hiring a bookish personal shopper who’s never, ever late.

Say goodbye to awkward librarian eye contact when you’ve borrowed “too many” books. There’s no judgment here—just pure, unadulterated literary indulgence. And hey, if one book doesn’t strike your fancy, there’s another gem waiting next month.

Exclusive Editions Beautify Your Bookshelf

Ever tried to impress your friends with your Pinterest-worthy bookshelf? Inviting envy is much easier with exclusive and limited-edition books that you can’t just find at the local independent bookstore either.

Subscription boxes often include special editions with unique covers, exclusive author signatures, or bonus content. Many bookish subscription boxes also offer exclusive editions for young adults, catering to a diverse range of readers. Your bookshelf doesn’t just hold books; it becomes a gallery of literary treasures.

Pair those dazzling books with exclusivebookish goodies like art prints, bookmarks, and themed trinkets. These items elevate the aesthetic appeal of your collection, making it more like a curated exhibit rather than just a lineup of random purchases.

So, your bookshelf doesn’t just contain books—it becomes a vibrant, ever-evolving conversation starter about your impeccable taste in literature.

How To Choose the Perfect Bookish Subscription Box

Selecting the ideal bookish subscription box involves exploring the best book subscription boxes to understand what you love to read and determining which additional goodies make your literary heart sing.

Know Your Reading Preferences

First, you have to know your bookish self. Are you into spine-chilling thrillers or cozy romances? Do fantasies fill your soul, or are you more of a non-fiction buff? Identify your top genres before anything else. No one wants to receive a sci-fi novel when they’d rather read a historical drama. If you enjoy historical fiction, look for a subscription box that includes stories in this genre.

Make a list of your favorite genres and authors. Research if the subscription box caters specifically to these interests. Some boxes are curated to specific genres, while others have a diverse range.

Consider how many books you want to receive each month. Are you a voracious reader who plows through novels like it’s a competitive sport, or do you prefer a slow-and-steady approach? Determine what fits your reading routine best.

Consider the Extras

Many book subscription boxes, often referred to as book boxes, come with more than just books. Think about what kind of fun extras that would make you giddier than a kid in a candy store. Maybe you love getting themed bookmarks, quirky stationery, or even exclusive author notes.

Some book boxes include lifestyle items like candles, tea, or bath products. Others might offer literary-themed wearables like socks or tote bags. Decide if these add-ons are something you’d treasure or just toss aside.

Next, consider the price. Sometimes the cost can be justified by the goodies you receive, but make sure it fits within your budget. You don’t want to end up eating ramen for weeks just because you splurged on a deluxe subscription.


How can I avoid becoming a book hoarder with all these enticing subscription boxes?

Finding yourself buried alive under a mountain of books? Consider a “one in, one out” policy. Donate or gift a book for each new one you receive. Rotate your collection to keep it manageable.

Are subscription boxes ever worth it?

Yes, especially if you love surprises and exclusive goodies. Subscription boxes like OwlCrate and FairyLoot often come with limited-edition items, author signatures, and themed accessories that aren’t easily found elsewhere.

Can you skip a month with these subscriptions?

Absolutely, most services like Book of the Month and LitJoy Crate allow you to skip a month. Check their policies, as some might offer credits for future boxes when you skip.

Which book subscription is most popular?

OwlCrate frequently tops the charts, especially among young adult genre fans. Others like Illumicrate and FairyLoot also have strong followings thanks to their curated selections and exclusive content.

How do I avoid subscription fatigue?

Keep your excitement fresh by diversifying your book subscriptions. Don’t just stick to one; explore others like Illumicrate or LitJoy Crate. Pause subscriptions periodically to prevent overwhelm and give yourself time to enjoy what you already have.

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