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Best Fantasy Romance Series for Adults: Top Captivating Sagas to Explore in 2024

Passionate about both fantasy and romance, I always find myself drawn to series that artfully blend the two genres. Be it a sweeping high fantasy tale enriched with a captivating love story or a romance-driven plot set against the backdrop of a fantastical world, these stories never fail to enthrall me.

If you feel similarly and need some good book recs, here are some of the most beloved and enchanting fantasy romance series that have note only captured my heart, but the hearts of readers worldwide. By merging the fantastical elements of fantasy with the emotional depth of romantic tales, these series offer a superbly immersive reading experience that is both enthralling, fun and satisfying.

As a fan of this unique blend known as “romantasy”, here is my list of the best fantasy romance series for adults. (Yes, I include YA books on here too!) From tales of daring quests and epic adventures to stories of passion and devotion, every entry on this list is a testament to the power of love in a realm of wonder and imagination.

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A Court of Thorns and Roses Series

a court of thorns and roses

As a fan of fantasy romance, I can’t recommend enough the A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas. This high fantasy series, which consists of five books, with a sixth one in the works, introduces the reader to an enchanting world filled with fae, riveting world-building, and political intrigue.

At the heart of this captivating series is the journey of Feyre Archeron, a 19-year-old huntress who finds herself among the fae lands of Prythian. Throughout the series, you’ll find elements of love, passion, and adventure woven through the storylines. As you delve deeper into Prythian’s world, you’ll discover well-rounded, complex characters that continuously evolve and grow.

Aside from the romance aspect, which, I must admit, is quite spicy, the unique blend of high fantasy and love creates an addictive reading experience. I believe this series to be an ideal gateway for those looking to be captivated by the fantasy genre.

My advice to readers would be to have patience with the series—particularly the second book, A Court of Mist and Fury. This book turns the series on its head and truly solidifies it as a standout fantasy romance series. The vast world-building, breathtaking adventures, and emotional rollercoasters will have you eagerly awaiting the sixth installment.

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One Dark Window (Shepherd King Duology)

one dark window

I discovered a beautiful gothic fantasy romance series, The Shepherd King Duology, starting with One Dark Window. The story revolves around magic, dark fantasy, and witches, combining a compelling storyline with immersive world-building. For those who are new to the genre, this duology might be an excellent choice since the world-building isn’t too overwhelming.

One Dark Window introduces us to Elspeth Spindle, a character with – how shall we say – a unique connection to magic. As a child, she contracted a fever that granted her access to an ancient, mercurial spirit called the Nightmare. This spirit not only protects Elspeth but also keeps her secrets. The book effectively sets the stage for a dark, magical romance amid the eerie, mist-locked kingdom of Blunder.

Despite the initial slow pace of the book, I found myself completely invested in the story by the 100-page mark. The atmosphere of dark fantasy is further enhanced by the presence of witches and other magical beings, elevating the story to new heights.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the sequel, Two Twisted Crowns. Surpassing my expectations, it turned out to be as enjoyable, if not even better, than the first book in this series. The continuation of Elspeth’s story (as well as others) adds further layers to the magical world, as well as the intricacies of the relationships between characters.

Strange the Dreamer Duology

strange the dreamer

I have to say, the Strange the Dreamer Duology by Laini Taylor is one of the best fantasy romances I’ve ever encountered. Although it’s considered as YA, it’s beautifully written with prose that mesmerizes the reader. The characters are unique and lovable, making it hard not to get immersed in their world.

This duology contains two primary works: Strange the Dreamer (Book 1) and Muse of Nightmares (Book 2). The storyline describes an epic journey of discovery into a rich fantasy world. Throughout the series, Taylor has beautifully crafted the world-building process, giving readers a fascinating and captivating universe to explore.

The story plays with fascinating fantasy elements and introduces gods into the mix, creating a new layer of complexity. Readers will find themselves engrossed in the protagonists’ stories, their interactions with gods and other mythical elements, and the dreams and nightmares that bind them together.

I must commend the brilliant character development as well. The characters have depth, making it easy to relate to their emotions, desires, and growth throughout the story. This duology expertly intertwines romance and fantasy, ensuring that readers will be eager to continue reading till the very end.

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A River Enchanted Duology (Elements of Cadence Duology)

a river enchanted

I recently read the Elements of Cadence duology by Rebecca Ross and found myself enamored with its captivating blend of magic, romance, and Scotland-inspired medieval fantasy. The series comprises two novels: A River Enchanted and A Fire Endless, both intriguing tales that defy the conventional tropes of the romance genre.

The story is set on the magical isle of Cadence, a realm teeming with enchantment and folklore. In this world, estranged childhood enemies are forced to collaborate as they unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of young girls from their clan. A gripping plot and vivid storytelling make this duology an unforgettable experience.

One of the key aspects I admire about this series is its depiction of magic. Rebecca Ross masterfully weaves together a fascinating and intricate system that connects with the spiritual realm, as well as the human and the natural world. The blend of Breccans and Tausic elements adds depth and complexity to the magic system, keeping me thoroughly engaged.

In addition to an immersive magical world, the Elements of Cadence duology boasts unforgettable characters and relationships. Jack Tamerlaine and his childhood rival, Adaira Bonn, navigate their tumultuous past, gradually developing a deeper understanding and appreciation for one another. Their emotional journey not only tugs at my heartstrings but also demonstrates Ross’s skillful integration of romance, delivering an enthralling read.

The captivating landscape of this Scotland-inspired setting truly comes to life through engrossing descriptions. From the rustic island communities to the lush, enchanting forests, I find myself utterly transported each time I immerse myself in the pages of the duology.

Once Upon a Broken Heart Trilogy

once upon a broken heart

As someone who enjoys fairy tale-like romances, I found the Once Upon a Broken Heart Trilogy to be a captivating series in the young adult (YA) category. The trilogy is penned by Stephanie Garber, and the first book can be found on Amazon.

The series brings readers into a world filled with magic, curses, and enchanting characters. It masterfully weaves a tale of love and adventure that keeps you hooked until the end. In particular, the tension and chemistry between characters make it a standout fantasy romance.

Here are the titles in the series:

  1. Once Upon a Broken Heart

  2. The Ballad of Never After

  3. Untitled Third Book

Although I found the last book to be slightly underwhelming, the trilogy as a whole remains an excellent choice for fans of fantasy romance. The unique world-building and enthralling storyline make up for any shortcomings, and the series maintains a sense of whimsy throughout.

Divine Rivals Duology (Letters of Enchantment)

divine rivals

Divine Rivals is a captivating duology written by Rebecca Ross, which to date has garnered a massive following, particularly on TikTok. The story is beautifully crafted, filled with magic, mystical intrigue, warring gods, and a compelling romance to keep readers hooked.

One of the most striking elements of this series revolves around magic typewriters. These unique and enchanted objects serve as a vital plot device throughout the story. Skilfully intertwined with the main narrative, these typewriters help bring a whimsical and mystical aspect to the duology that draws readers in.

The romance in the Divine Rivals series plays a significant role alongside the enchanting plotline. The characters navigate their passionate journey amidst the intense backdrop of warring gods. The intricate balance of love, betrayal, and sacrifice adds a complex and emotional layer to the storyline.

As the story unfolds, readers are treated to a richly developed world filled with vivid descriptions and well-rounded characters. The pacing moves smoothly, allowing the plot and romance elements to blend seamlessly together.

The Serpents & Wings of Night (Crowns of Nyaxia Duology)

the serpent and the wings of night

When I discovered the Crowns of Nyaxia Duology by Carissa Broadbent, it was the perfect cure for the hangover I experienced after reading A Court of Thorns and Roses. Set in an urban fantasy world filled with political intrigue and mythical creatures, the series offers a fresh take on the enemies-to-lovers trope that blends elements of the Hunger Games with vampires.

I specifically enjoyed the deliciously spicy romance that unfolds between the two main characters, who are entangled in a web of power struggles and survival. The series is infused with political drama that keeps the reader on edge, providing a captivating backdrop for the unfolding love story. The presence of mythical creatures in the series offers an interesting and dynamic aspect to join the narrative, further enhancing its appeal.

The first book in the duology, The Serpent and the Wings of Night, sets the stage for an intense tale of love and betrayal, where our protagonists must navigate the harsh realities of having sworn enemies. The world of the Nightborn vampires is at once dangerous and enticing, drawing readers into a thrilling journey in search of self-discovery and courage.

Throne of Glass Series

throne of glass

I can’t recommend the Throne of Glass Series enough. This eight-book collection offers not only an engaging fantasy romance series but is also a riveting tale for those who appreciate intricately woven stories with vibrant character arcs.

The first two books start slower, but they are an essential foundation for the magnificent combination of romance, magic, suspense and adventure that unfolds. I guarantee that investing your time in this series is worthwhile, especially once you reach the final four books – they are absolutely mesmerizing and evoke strong emotions (to say the least!)

One aspect that makes this series stand out is the variety of characters and romantic pairings available throughout the story. You get to know each character in depth, and with each new book, you watch the romantic connections develop and become increasingly enthralling.

If you’re a fan of romance, fae, shifters, witches, and fantasy, the Throne of Glass Series is a must-read.

Give it a chance and let yourself dive into this epic that will leave your heart pounding and your eyes glued to the pages. Check out my full series review!

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Shades of Magic Trilogy

a darker shade of magic

In the Shades of Magic Trilogy, parallel worlds play a significant role in the story’s setting.

The series mainly revolves around the concept of multiple dimensions of London, each with its unique characteristics and magical elements. I particularly enjoyed the way these dimensions were explored and how they added depth to the story.

The series primarily focuses on the adventures of the two main characters, who share a most intriguing bond. Although the romance between them isn’t the central theme of the story, it is so swoon-worthy that I had to include it in this list.

The author beautifully weaves the romantic subplot into the larger narrative, while also maintaining a good balance between the romance and the immersive magic-filled world.

One aspect that greatly intrigued me was the various magical systems present in the story. The author skillfully captures the intricacies of each system, ranging from simple spells to complex rituals, creating a fascinating and rich fantasy world that leaves readers craving for more.

This is a great series if you’re looking to get into adult fantasy but don’t want a lot of spice in your books. (I especially recommend these special edition hardcovers which come with bonus chapters, fan art end papers, and a map of the Londons! Obsessed with this set.)

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Crescent City Series

An urban fantasy, the Crescent City Series by Sarah J. Maas offers a fantastic blend of fae and romance elements that are sure to delight any reader. However, I’d recommend reading the A Court of Thorns and Roses series first as it would be a better introduction to Maas’s writing style and world-building. (Among other reasons that I can’t include without mentioning spoilers.)

The Crescent City series is definitely an adult-focused story with plenty of spice.

Its intricate world-building may be overwhelming, but once you get past the initial learning curve, you’ll find yourself immersed in a captivating universe. This series is set in a contemporary fantasy world of magic, danger, darkness, and searing romance.

Half-Fae and half-human Bryce Quinlan, the protagonist, embarks on a quest for truth and revenge after the tragic loss of her closest friends. As an unfinished series, the currently available trilogy is a satisfying read in its own right.

The first book, House of Earth and Blood, introduces readers to the enchanting world and the characters they will grow to love. And in the subsequent books, House of Sky and Breath and House of Flame and Shadow, (which I have a full book review on!) the romantic relationships and powerful friendships woven throughout the story are sure to keep the readers enthralled.

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I hope you enjoyed this list of the best fantasy romance book series for adults! Have you read any of these? Any series that you think should be included? Let me know in the comments!

In the meantime, be sure to check out my YouTube channel for more book recs!


Which fantasy romance series are considered classics?

Anything by Sarah J Maas or Rebecca Ross. A Court of Thorns and Roses and Divine Rivals are two of the most popular in 2024k.

What are the top fantasy romance series suitable for young adults?

Throne of Glass, The Shades of Magic Trilogy, and One Dark Window are all considered Young Adult romantasys.

What are some highly recommended steamy fantasy romance novels?

If you like a little spice in your books, check out a court of thorns and roses, the Crescent City series, and The Serpent and the Wings fo Night.

Which fantasy romance books feature enemies becoming lovers?

Everyone loves the enemies to lovers trope! Check out Crowns of Nyaxia,

In the genre of high fantasy romance, which series are most acclaimed?

Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor.

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